General Overview

Shearing, is a process which cuts stock without the formation of chips or the use of burning or melting. In strict technical terms, the process of “shearing” involves the use of straight cutting bladesorm of sheet metal or plates, however rods can also be sheared. Shearing-type operations include: blanking, piercing, roll slitting, and trimming.

Micro is manufacturing Guillotine Type Hydraulic Shearing Machines . The machine may be foot powered (or less commonly hand powered), It works by first clamping the material with a ram. A moving blade then comes down across a fixed blade to shear the material. For larger shears the moving blade may be set on an angle in order to shear the material progressively from one side to the other; this angle is referred to as the shear angle. This decreases the amount of force required, but increases the stroke. A 5 degree shear angle decreases the force by about 20%. The amount of energy used is still the same. The moving blade may also be inclined 0.5 to 2.5°, this angle is called the rake angle, to keep the material from becoming wedged between the blades, however it compromises the squareness of the edge. As far as equipment is concerned, the machine consists of a shear table, work-holding device, upper and lower blades, and a gauging device. The shear table is the part of the machinery that the workpiece rests on while being sheared. The work-holding device is used to hold the workpiece in place and keep it from moving or buckling while under stress. The upper and lower blades are the piece of machinery that actually do the cutting, while the gauging device is used to ensure that the workpiece is being cut where it is supposed to be.

The design of press tools is an engineering compromise. A sharp edge, strength and durability are ideal, however a sharp edge is not very strong or durable so blades for metal work tend to be square-edged rather than knife-edged. Typical workpiece materials include aluminum, brass, bronze, and mild steel because of their outstanding shearability ratings, however, stainless steel is not used as much due to its tendencies to work-harden.

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the demands of precision engineered and optimum functionality based range of Shearing Presses. These are designed and developed to shear plates with clean square edges. Further, these come with close working tolerances with options of different rake angles. With our capability of offering these in different sizes, the superior box construction of these Shearing Machines provides in them desired structural rigidity.

Here, our rich industry experience allows us to offer these machines in customized finish specifications so as to meet client’s specific work process requirements. Further, the offered machines being powerful and at the same time simple to operate, these come with most hold- down and shearing capabilities than any other industrial shear machine available in the market.


Micro Hydraulic Shearing machines are basically used for:

  • Shearing / Sheet cutting

Download Technical Specification of Triple Action Scrap Baling

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MODELShearing LengthSh. ThicknessRake AngleRake Angle RangeStroke/Minute at min. & max. Rake AngleHold DownsHolding Force Kgs.Power H.PPacking Dimension (LXBXH)Approx Weight kgs.
Rake AngleRake AngleRake AngleRake Angle
MHPL-CS 2X25250023.1511.61 ⁰0.5-2 ⁰22-1013180032950X1650X15502600
MHPL-CS 2X30300023.1511.61 ⁰0.5-2 ⁰18-815180033450X1650X15502900
MHPL-CS 3X1515003.154231 ⁰ 15′0.5-2 ⁰24-108200052300X1900X21002150
MHPL-CS 3X2525003.154231 ⁰ 15′0.5-2 ⁰28-1313250053250X1900X20003600
MHPL-CS 3X3030003.154231 ⁰ 15′0.5-2 ⁰24-915250053750X1900X20004150
MHPL-CS 4X15150046341 ⁰ 37′0.5-3 ⁰24-108450052300X1900X21003400
MHPL-CS 4X20200046341 ⁰ 37′0.5-3 ⁰22-81162007.52850X1950X21003700
MHPL-CS 4X25250046341 ⁰ 37′0.5-3 ⁰22-81380007.53400X2350X25005200
MHPL-CS 4X30300046341 ⁰ 37′0.5-3 ⁰18-61510000103800X2350X25006200
MHPL-CS 4X40400046341 ⁰ 45′0.5-3 ⁰24-82012000104600X2350X25008200
MHPL-CS 6X15150068461 ⁰ 45′0.5-3 ⁰22-786500102350X2000X22004200
MHPL-CS 6X20200068461 ⁰ 45′0.5-3 ⁰28-81165000102850X2000X22004500
MHPL-CS 6X25250068461 ⁰ 45′0.5-3 ⁰24-6138500153400X2350X26006200
MHPL-CS 6X30300068461 ⁰ 45′0.5-3 ⁰24-61510800153900X2350X26006700
MHPL-CS 2X39400068462 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰22-102013600204900X2350X26008400
MHPL-CS 8X15150081082 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰18-8810500152350X2150X23005400
MHPL-CS 8X202000810682 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰24-81112000152850X2150X23006100
MHPL-CS 8X252500810682 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰20-61316500203400X2450X23007700
MHPL-CS 8X303000810682 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰20-81518500204000X2550X28009300
MHPL-CS 8X404000810682 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰20-1020230003049002450X270012800
MHPL-CS 10X15150010138102 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰18-8810500152350X2150X24006300
MHPL-CS 10X20200010138102 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰24-81113500152850X2150X24007200
MHPL-CS 10X20250010138102 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰20-61317500203400X2600X29009300
MHPL-CS 10X30300010138102 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰13-51520000203900X2600X290011800
MHPL-CS 10X40400010138102 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰15-102025000304900X2600X290015500
MHPL-CS 13X202000131610132 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1116500202850X2300X26007300
MHPL-CS 13X252500131610132 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1332000253450X2750X29009300
MHPL-CS 13X303000131610132 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1637000253900X2700X290012300
MHPL-CS 13X404000131610132 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰2022000304950X2300X290015800
MHPL-CS 16X202000162013162 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1122000252850X2300X290012300
MHPL-CS 16X252500162013162 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1340000303600X2700X300015300
MHPL-CS 16X303000162013162 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1643500304100X2700X300017800
MHPL-CS 16X404000162013162 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰2030000305200X2850X300020800
MHPL-CS 20X202000202516202 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1132000403000X2600X270017800
MHPL-CS 20X252500202516202 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1348000403600X2850X310018800
MHPL-CS 20X303000202516202 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰1652000404100X2850X310020800
MHPL-CS 20X404000202516202 ⁰0.5-3 ⁰2030000505200X2900X310024800
Machine GA Drawing
MHPL 625
MHPL 632
MHPL 825
MHPL 832
MHPL 1025
MHPL 1032
MHPL 1225
MHPL 1232

Salient Feature

Some of the standard features of these hydraulic shearing machines include :

  • Shears designed for achieving high shearing consistency across entire length of shear
  • Based on superior drive system that is designed to withstand high tonnage of shears
  • Backed by innovative shock-absorbing technology
  • Designed to eliminate need for special foundation
  • Superior drive system that allows ram to slide directly above shearing line so as to achieve maximum
  • precision and stroke consistency
  • PLC based touch screen control
  • Ram guided by three point roller guides with replaceable hardened liners
  • Variable rake angle adjustment through selector switch
  • Rapid blade gap adjustment by levers calibrated in thickness

Some of the standard specifications of these machines include :

  • Shearing machines feature rigid Ram roller guided system
  • Machines come with HCHCr Blade and Low Fixed Rake angle that assists in providing quality cutting
  • Control valves and seals used in these hydraulic systems and cylinders sourced from leading manufacturers
  • REXROTH, YUKEN, PARKER, ensuring their delivering superior functional values

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