General Overview

Straightening means Measuring work piece deformation, evaluating deviations in relation to the requested tolerances and pushing on the part to reduce its deformations.

Factors causing distortion:

Heat treatment;
Stresses from manufacturing processes;
Material handling.

Precision straightening is the key factor in achieving the following advantages:

Reduce costly machine operations such as turning and grinding;
Improve final geometry of the part (more uniform, better gear geometry);
100 % final inspection of parts.

Depending on the requirement of the client, we make available both the H frame as well as the

make available both the H frame as well as the C frame types and is put to use by both light engineering industries as well as the heavy engineering industries. Even the sizes vary as per the client’s requirement and in case the clients opt for manual controls, then we offer them with just that and in case they prefer push button control or the touch screen, then we come up with just that. Chrome plating is accomplished to make the rods highly durable and tough. Moreover, The Straightening Press offered by us uses to straightening the Metal Rods , Smooth out the metal sheets and objects like channels, girders, shafts, etc. No irregularity is encouraged in the manufacturing of Straightening Press by our company; instead we are stickler for perfection. Perfect shape is provided without the presence of any kind of unevenness or irregularity.

The chrome plated rod that is present in the cylinder is from the Stelmi (Italy) / Marcegaglia (Italy) and even the hone pipe is from Stelmi (Italy) / Marcegaglia (Italy) as well. We trust only the sealing system of Parker/ Merkel and have been using it with all our products. Touch screen, though optional is also made available by us for our clients. Some clients prefer manual operation, whereas some prefer the latest technology of touch screen. Siemens is the name that is associated with the touch screen of our company. PLC is from Siemens/ Allen Bradely / Mitsubishi. PVC Channel is from the Scheider and Pheonolix wire is being put to use in the manufacturing of Straightening Press. Temp controller of Fiji is being used and Omron/ Siemens provide the Relays for the control panel.
The safety measures are taken into consideration while fabricating the design of Straightening Press, so that not only the machine is well taken care of, but even the operator’s safety is also in the loop. We are helping our clients get what they had wished for, since inception.

Mechanical Construction

In order to mate the latest demand of customers with various layout demand of customers with layout specifications,   design team equipped with latest software  through which any elastricity by strain-gauges ensuring that the critical points of the structure are stressed kept with in limit after adopting new technology MHPL team capable to design and produce presses which are extremely rigid in structure .The specific concept of open and compact makes MHPL presses highly flexible for inline use. The main slide is completely guided by prismatic jibs or by linear sliding block with adjustable backlash for high working precision 16sliding blocks incorporating adjustable backlash can also be incorporating for more precision in  main bed.


Micro Team is having a  vast  exposure in designing of any kind of complicated circuit . MHPL team has  the capability  of  designing  the hydraulic  circuits with various  control valves  and pumps  such as proportional and servo valves . The manifolds are designed in latest software .


  • Bending
  • Straightening
  • Pressing
  • Coining
  • Riveting
  • Molding


  • Max. diameter of the swaging component: 101.6mm
  • Max. swaging length: 500 mm
  • Max. swaging force: 150 ton
  • Max. power consumption: 40 HP
  • Raw material: Mild Steel/Stainless Steel

Salient Feature

Hydraulic Straightening Presses made available by us are well recognized for their ergonomic designs for as well as fatigue free operations. Coming with better safety standards with additional accessories, these also help in achieving considerable time as compared with traditional heat withdrawal straightening techniques.

Some of the standard features of these machines include:

  • Involves special
  • Press
  • Close control of pressing speed
  • Pressure & special fixtures
  • Supports including height anvils, V-blocks, plain straightening blocks
  • Provided with precision computer designed frame for achieving low stress levels
  • Facility of bed extension tables (any length) for achieving long work pieces
  • Control of movements & pressure with simple time-tested and sensitive lever control
  • Push button employing left hand of equipment during straightening
  • Provided with self contained hydraulics
  • Ensure user friendly operations
  • Ram movements & pressure controlled by simple time-tested, sensitive lever control mechanism
  • Ram can be advanced to work as well as make contact with feather touch
  • Further downward pressure on lever increases pressure on work with proportional release of lever releasing pressures
  • Users can straighten work to close tolerances
  • Operators prefer this control as it provides feel of work done on job
  • Over travel mistakes avoided and damages to work prevented
  • Superior stroke control feature that allows operator to set length of stroke independent of force which is
  • needed to bend the part as well as repeat same stroke length within .001
  • Allow operators to straighten & measure in same fixture, thus reducing cycle time exponentially
  • Hand-load, hand operated traveling carriage for achieving unlimited straightening points that allow part straightening up to 20 feet in length depending on part diameter
  • Precision fabricated stress relieved structures that undergo ultrasonically tested fabrication procedures Quality steel plates used for greater strength & rigidity
  • Machines designed to deliver high reliability in operations
  • High straightening accuracy
  • Speedy production process with user-friendly operator interface
  • Space saving designs
  • Program-supported straightening roller adjustment
  • Centralized lubrication system provided in presses
  • Use of imported hydraulic seals in cylinders for trouble free operations of press
  • Photo curtains for detecting any irregular function
  • Electronic safety locking arrangement for ensuring proper sequencing of operations

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