General Overview

Sheet molding compound (SMC) or sheet molding composite is a ready to mold glass-fiber reinforced polyester material primarily used in compression molding.

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) is a process and reinforced composite material. This is manufactured by dispersing long strands (usually >1”) of chopped fiber (commonly glass fibers or carbon fibers on a bath of resin (commonly polyester resin, vinylester resin or epoxy resin). The longer fibers in SMC result in better strength properties than standard bulk

molding compound (BMC) products. Typical applications include demanding electrical applications, corrosion resistant needs, structural components at low cost, automotive, and transit.

Micro Presses are having a good reputation in the field of SMC Molding Hydraulic Presses. These are based on SMC – process (sheet molding compound) that has come up as important process technology for fiber reinforced polymers. Described by flow behavior of flat SMC – sheet under specific heat and specific pressure in mold, the SMC sheet will be cut

as per the shape of mold. By positioning sheet in Micro SMC Molding Hydraulic Press, following processes take place:

Heated mold and constant temperature allows uncured matrix system to drop its viscosity Under pressure of Micro SMC Molding Hydraulic press, compound will flow to fill complete mold Curing process starts and after short time cured part is DE-molded and trimmed for final shape


These Micro SMC Molding Hydraulic Presses are also automized to a high degree and can also be used for mass production. Here, our expertise lies in manufacturing up-stroking SMC (sheet molding compound) or BMC (bulk molding compound) molding Hydraulic Press. These come with 8 Point GIB Guided System so as to ensure the platen moves accurately.

Mechanical Construction

In order to mate the latest demand of customers with various layout demand of customers with layout specifications,   design team equipped with latest software   through which any elastricity by strain-gauges ensuring that the critical points of the structure are stressed kept with in limit after adopting new technology MHPL team capable to design and produce presses which are extremely rigid in structure .The specific concept of open and compact makes MHPL presses highly flexible for inline use. The main slide is completely guided by prismatic jigs or by linear sliding block with adjustable backlash for high working precision 16sliding blocks incorporating adjustable backlash can also be incorporating for more precision in  main bed.


Micro Team is having a  vast  exposure in designing of any kind of complicated circuit . MHPL team has  the capability  of  designing  the  hydraulic  circuits with various  control valves  and pumps  such as proportional and servo valves . The manifolds are designed in latest software .

  • Electric meters
  • Microwave/oven parts
  • Electric switchgear
  • Electrical insulators
  • Consumer durables

These precision constructed machines are designed to deliver superior surface quality and light-weight and structurally strong automotive parts.

These are preferred for meeting needs of forming and molding of :

  • Engineering plastics
  • Composites
  • For automotive interior fabrics
  • Friction material for brake and clutch facings
  • SMC / DMC / FRP Molded Parts
  • Melamine Molded Parts like Electrical connectors
  • Bakelite Molding
  • Composite material /other polymer molding
  • Brake linings/Clutch Facing/Rubber Parts Molding
  • Switch gears Molding

Salient Feature

The SMC Molding Hydraulic Press is mainly used to prepare electric meters, consumer durable, parts of microwave oven, electrical insulators, etc. In order to provide the final shape, the curing process is started by our expert team, then after a short span of time the part that has been cured is demolded and trimmed again. Our company maintains high precision in the product that we manufacture, thus delivering structurally strong, but light weight automotive parts. If the clients are involved in the molding and forming of composites, engineering plastics, Bakelite molding or switch gears molding, then SMC Molding Hydraulic Press is just the perfect choice for that. Apart from these functions, the SMC Molding Hydraulic Press can also perform molding and forming of:

  • Interior fabrics of automotive
  • Electrical connectors
  • Brake linings
  • Molding Rubber parts
  • Frictional material meant for clutch and brake facings

These presses are customized by our engineers as per the requirements and specifications provided by the clients. The design is made as such that it will perform with precision of very high degree.

The Hone Pipe and the Chrome plated rod that are being used by our team of engineers are of Stelmi (Italy) / Marcegaglia (Italy) make. Micro provides the Cylinder Pistons and the glands, whereas the sealing system is procured from Parker / Merkel. Now moving from the cylinder to the control panel, we offer the clients with Touch screen from Siemens, Scheider’s PVC Channel and Pheonolix wire. The pump that the clients get in the power pack is of Rexroth/ Yuken/ Dennison/ Polyhydron brand. The temp controller is from Fiji.

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