General Overview

Forming, or metal forming, is the metalworking process of fashioning metal parts and objects through mechanical deformation; the workpiece is reshaped without adding or removing material, and its mass remains unchanged.Forming operates on the materials science principle of plastic deformation, where the physical shape of a material is permanently deformed.

Forming processes tend to be typified by differences in effective stresses. These categories and descriptions are highly simplified, since the stresses operating at a local level in any given process are very complex and may involve many varieties of stresses operating simultaneously, or it may involve stresses

which change over the course of the operation. Compressive forming involves those processes where the primary means of plastic deformation is uni- or multiaxial compressive loading.

  • Rolling, where the material is passed through a pair of rollers
  • Extrusion, where the material is pushed through an orifice
  • Die forming, where the material is stamped by a press around or onto a die
  • Forging, where the material is shaped by localized compressive forces
  • Indenting, where a tool is pressed into the workpiece

We are leading and well recognized manufacturers of Metal Forming Hydraulic Presses. These are backed by complete tooling support and are made available in the range of 50 Tons to 2000 Tons. With these presses specially designed for Automobile Customers for drawing various components from blanks like Sheet Pipe (Shockers), Nuts, Cups and others, these presses feature rigid fabricated H frame structure with Parallelism of 150- 250 Microns and Perpendicularity of 150 – 250 Microns . Being high speed presses, these also come fitted with extra cooling arrangement that is imported from France.

Mechanical Construction

In order to mate the latest demand of customers with various layout demand of customers with layout specifications, MICRO design team equipped with latest software SOLID WORKS through which any elastricity by strain-gauges ensuring that the critical points of the structure are stressed kept with in limit after adopting new technology MHPL team capable to design and produce presses which are extremely rigid in structure .The specific concept of open and compact makes MHPL presses highly flexible for inline use. The main slide is completely guided by prismatic jigs or by linear sliding block with adjustable backlash for high working precision 16sliding blocks incorporating adjustable backlash can also be incorporating for more precision in main bed.


Micro Team is having a vast exposure in designing of any kind of complicated hydraulic circuit . MHPL team has the capability of designing the hydraulic circuits with various control valves and pumps such as proportional and servo valves . The manifolds are designed in latest software.


Tungsten carbide is wear resistant & tough. It does not loose properties even at higher temperature (as high as 800oC).

  • Plugs & Dies for Tube manufacturing industry.
  • Dies for hot & cold extrusion and metal forming.
  • Coining dies in mint, manufacturing    Industry.
  • Bullet forming dies & punches for    Ammunition Industries.
  • Can extrusion dies for container making.
  • Chisels for teeth forming of engg. files.
  • Forming core rods & punches.
  • Bar drawing dies(ferrous/non-ferrous bars).
  • Blanks for lamination dies.
  • Tooling for dry cell battery making    industries.

Technical Specification

Salient Feature

  • Heavy Duty Guide Bushings that are designed for low maintenance and last life of the press
  • Every system precision engineered and subjected to rigorous testing for ensuring continuous duty cycling, thus ensuring complete hydraulic system integrity
  • Full pressing force delivered at any point in stroke with full tonnage achieved throughout stroke
  • Faster set-ups with no requirement of adjusting stroke nut on slide for accommodating different dies
  • Built-in overload protection, thus ensuring no need to worry about overloading
  • Low operating costs providing customers dual benefits of low initial costs and low operating costs
  • More compactness
  • These presses allow tools that to withstand load of particular job and not particular press
  • Presses designed to deliver safe operations due to presence of Ram movements
  • Can also be designed for meeting customers’ specific requirements

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