General Overview

We have with us huge experience of handling the Telescopic Cylinder’s demand with precision. If there is a constraint of space, then the telescopic cylinders seem to be the best solution. It has the capability of extending from the retracted size, which is the minimal; therefore, the clients do not find any problem in using the product even when they are fighting for space. Our telescopic cylinder provides the clients with extended durability even in the tightest spaces. The collapsed length that is being made available by our engineers depends on the number of levels, but generally the clients would find the length collapsed to 20% or 40% of the length when it is fully extended. The rods are provided to the clients as per their requirements, so if they want they will receive a stainless steel rod or if they want, they can get a Ceramic coating on the rod or Chrome or Nickel coating. Our company is touted as one of the specialists in manufacturing the telescopic cylinders in a wide range. The products manufactured by us are high on performance and low on maintenance. The telescopic cylinder that we offer our clients is highly efficient and durable at the same time.


  • Thermal power plants
  • Aerospace industries
  • Atomic and Hydro power plants
  • Defence
  • Railways

Our expertise also lies in making these in compliance with client’s given requirements. Further, the presence of well defined quality management system also ensures these deliver high performance. Some of the quality tests performed on each hydraulic cylinder is to achieve maximum :

  • Performance
  • Process reliability
  • Durability
  • Serviceability

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Salient Feature

The telescopic cylinder is being widely used when the space is a constraint, but apart from that there are several other features that make the telescopic cylinders quite popular amongst the clients. They are as follows –

  • Compared to other cylinders, telescopic cylinders weigh much less
  • Warranty period available
  • Standard plungers of chrome plated available
  • Contamination entry is being stopped by wipers of dual lip
  • Single acting telescopic cylinder and double acting telescopic cylinder made available by our engineers
  • Even single action and double action option are also available
  • Six stages can be delivered by us depending on the capacities and application
  • It might get a bit expensive

It is being put to use in the fields of defence, railways, aerospace industries, thermal

power plants and Atomic hydro power plants.

Our expertise
We are known to provide the clients with exactly what they have ordered for and customization is the key for that. Our expert team knows exactly how to come up with the end product on time with high precision. The management system of ours is of high quality, thus ensuring timely manufacturing and delivering of the telescopic cylinders. Our telescopic cylinder achieves maximum durability, performance, serviceability and process reliability. We value our customers a lot; therefore, we try to provide them with our products that will meet their specifications. If the customers want any change in the design to attend the sophistication level they have been looking for, then also we have the ability to provide them with just the product that will meet all their requirements. We take great care in the perfect integration of the end covers as well as the cylinder tube. The design made by our experts is just perfect for the particular work.

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