General Overview

We are leading and well recognized manufacturers of Rigid Single Acting Cylinders for Hydraulic Press. These are made available with sealing system of Chevron packing of capacity of 1000 tons and comprises cylinder bore of 700 mm as well as working pressure of 250 Kg/Cm2 with maximum stroke length of 1500 mm. Further, the tubes of MHPL SAC are honed with surface finish of H9 and chrome on rod is of 100 microns.

The Components of these Hydraulic Cylinders are accurately machined on CNC machines to maintain the close tolerances in Grovees, Pistons , Seal Boxes and Threads. The Sealing System of these cylinders are procured directly from Parker & Merkel .

AT MHPL the hydraulic cylinders are assembled under strict supervision to meet the optimum performance in Industrial critical applications.

These Single acting hydraulic cylinders also come with option of oil pressure fed only on one side of cylinders (either during extension or retraction process) and when oil pressure is cut off, these cylinders return back to normal position through :

  • Spring
  • External load
  • Force of gravity


  • Railways
  • Defence
  • Aerospace-industries
  • Atomic Plants
  • Hydro Plants
  • Thermal power plants

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Coming Soon ………………………

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