General Overview

Press brake, also known as a brake press, is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.


Bending is a manufacturing process that produces a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape along a straight axis in ductile materials, most commonly sheet metal. Commonly used equipment include box and pan brakes, brake presses, and other specialized machine presses. Typical products that are made like this are boxes such as electrical enclosures and rectangular duct work.

We are leading name in the field of manufacturing accurate and highly productive Hydraulic press brake. These feature precision designing standards and come supported by latest software to ensure optimum performance. Further, these Conventional Press Brakes are available in options of 2500 mm to 4000 mm with the structure stress relieved and accurately machined for achieving optimum rigidity.

Our experienced operation team also ensures the quality of each and every component used during stages from procuring of raw material to manufacturing and final assembly of machine is well tested for delivering optimum performance.


These press brakes find usage in bending and folding metal and pressing it into dies. These presses are used for :

  • Both specialized sheet metal work and continuous production applications
  • Handling tough industrial production jobs from single-cycle operation to automated cell components
  • Cold-forming metal sheets/strips into desired sections
  • Applications that require high bending capacity and networking function
  • Eliminating marking stainless steel, aluminum and pre-coated steel

Download Technical Specification of Triple Action Scrap Baling

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ModelCapacityPowerNo Of CylindersStroke Length AdjustmentLowering SpeedPressing SpeedReturn SpeedMax. Working LengthBackgauge strokeWeightDimension in mm
MHPL- 50/1.5507.52150100106015005002900190012501200220031590060250
MHPL- 50/2.5507.52150100106025505003500280012501200220031590060250
MHPL- 80/2.5801021501001080255050063002800205014002400375900170250
MHPL- 80/3.18010215010010803100500630034002550140025003751000170250
MHPL- 110/3.11101021501007.5603100500820034002550140025003751000170250
MHPL- 110/2.51101021501007.5602550500820034002550140025003751000170250
MHPL- 110/4.31101021501007.56043005001050045003100140029503751000170250
MHPL- 110/5.21101021501007.5605200500125005320430015002950375900170250850
MHPL- 150/2.51501421751007.5702550500100003700255015002575400900170300
MHPL- 150/3.11501421751007.5703100500100003700255015002575400900170300
MHPL- 150/4.31501421751007.5704300500160004500310015003020400900170300
MHPL- 150/5.21501421751007.5705200500190005320430015002850400900170300
MHPL- 200/3.1200202225708503100500130003700255016802850475900250300
MHPL- 200/4.3200202225708504300500150004700310016803030475900250300
MHPL- 200/5.2200202225708505200500210005320430016803175475900250300
MHPL- 260/3.1260252250708903100500185003700255018003000500900250300
MHPL- 260/4.3260252250708904300500220004500310018003080500900250300
MHPL- 260/5.22602522507089052005002700055004300240037005009002503001060
MHPL- 340/3.13404022506088031005002250035003100220032005009002503501060
MHPL- 340/5.2340402250608805200500265004500310020753150500900300350925
MHPL- 340/6.23404022506088062005003100055004300240037005009003003501700
MHPL- 340/4.33404022505085043005003450064505100240039005009003003501470
MHPL- 450/5.2450402300507505200500325004500310025003500550900300400880
MHPL- 450/6.24504023005075062005004200053204300250038005509004004001350
MHPL- 450/5.24504023005075052005005100063205100275039005509004004001500
MHPL- 650/6.26505023255064062005005000053204300295037306259004004001415
MHPL- 650/7.26505023255064072005005600063205100310041256259004004001810
MHPL- 650/5.26505023255064052005006100072506100340045006259004004002050
MHPL- 800/6.2800602325505.54062005005800053204300310037406259004004001600
MHPL- 800/7.2800602325505.54072005006700063205100325043006259004004002100
MHPL- 800/7.2800602325505.54072005007400072506100360046506259004004002250
MHPL- 1000/5.210007323255064052005006500053204300325042006259004004001800
MHPL- 1000/6.210007323255064062005007700063205100365045006259004004002250
Machine GA Drawing
50 Tone to 1000 Tone – 2.5 meter
50 Tone to 1000 Tone – 3.0 meter

Salient Feature

Some of the standard specifications of these Hydraulic Press Brakes are :

  • Having heavy side frames and steel torsion bar for maintaining parallelism of blade Hydraulic system assembled in-house
  • Hydraulic system assembled in-house
  • Hydraulic manifold of system machined on CNC Lathe for maintaining parallelism that helps in avoiding slippage in the hydraulic circuit
  • All components machined on CNC Lathe
  • Tube of cylinders made using forging and using parker seals that ensure no cross port leakage
  • Ram accurately guided with minimum clearance in long slide ways
  • Extensively used in various Sheet metal Industries

These press brakes are designed for handling demands of :

  • Specialized sheet metal work
  • Continuous production application

Further these are also designed to handle tough industrial production jobs from:

  • Single-cycle operations
  • Automated cell components

Available types of hydraulic press brakes include :

  • Sheet Bending Press
  • Sheet Metal Presses
  • Sheet Folding Press

Some of the standard features of these presses include :

  • Compact & energy efficient
  • Noiseless operations
  • Easy adjusting
  • Offering high security level
  • Superior frame construction
  • Featuring use of stress-relieved, heavy, rolled steel plates
  • Machine designed for optimum rigidity
  • Superior cross-system alignment

These hydraulic presses also provide several advantages including :

  • Graphical user interface with option of automatically calculating bending sequence of operations
  • Job step program
  • Overload protection device
  • Option of electronic adjusting speed of progress of cross-beams
  • Use of additional hardware
  • Synchronous operations with process of bending front of work piece support
  • Other custom improvements

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