We are the well-known manufacturer as well as the exporter of various types of Scrap Bailing Press. Advanced technology is used by our company to manufacture the wide array of the Scrap Bailing Press. The Scrap Bailing Press that we manufacture comes in compact design and is highly appreciated by the clients at all levels. We make available different types of Scrap Bailing Press where the clients will get the control panel that is semi-automatic, hand operated and fully automatic. Not just that, the control panel is fitted with different sort of limit sensors or the limit switch. We are committed to offer our clients with the best technology, so we ensure that we make use of the most sophisticated machinery only while manufacturing the Scrap Bailing Press. The Scrap Bailing Press that we manufacture is put to use in different industrial sectors. The field where the Scrap Bailing Press is used widely includes automobiles, stainless steel, sugarcane, etc. Precision is highly maintained in the manufacturing of the Scrap Bailing Press, so that it works wonderfully and without any fault. The Scrap Bailing Press is designed with either double or triple compression depending on the bail’s size and also the requirement of the client is also taken into account.



The application of the Scrap Bailing Press is in industries like –

  • Recycling industries
  • Steel industry
  • Furnace industry
  • Ferrous metallurgical works
  • Casting industry

1). Customization of the Baling Press as per your specific requisites to include any required features. ( OPTIONAL)

Salient Features


Bails take much less space and don’t easily disintegrate when it is being charged into the furnace. Specifications and various other technical aspects are taken into account by the experts of our team. The fabricated frame is of heavy duty steel and the hydraulic power pack as well as the scrap box is mounted on that. The specifications can be customized as per the client’s requirement, so that the clients get exactly what they have longed for. The product is used widely all across the globe and the clients are highly satisfied with the quality of the product that we manufacture. The raw materials that are being used in the Scrap Bailing Press are procured from some of the trusted names in the industry.
Variable RAM speeds are found in the Scrap Bailing Press of our company, including various specifications. During the installation there is no need of footing bolts and there are several other options available to suit the preferences of the clients. It is mainly used to lower the transportation cost and smelting, but Scrap Bailing Press also helps in reducing the casting cost as well.
Hydraulic driven with alternatives of manual/PLC control
•    Bale-discharging alternatives of :

  • Turn out
  • Push out
  • Forward
  • Manual discharging

•    No footing bolts required during installation
•    Allow use of diesel engine in replacement when electric power is unavailable
•    Ten grades of bailing force from 63 to 400 tons
•    Allowing productivity range from 4 to 40 tons (per day) Specifications – Balers
•    These balers come with hydraulic driven operations with options of manual or PLC control
•    Having different bale-discharging alternatives like turn out, push out, forward or manual discharging
•    Presses have variable Ram speeds
•    Presses available in different specifications
•    Additional options provided for making presses specific to customers’ applications

some of the other salient features are:-

1). Every scrap baler is efficiently equipped with three separate operating compactors which work on scrap compressing
2). Manual lubrication system optional  motorized lubrication system

3). Replaceable wear-resistant plates are supplied with the Bailing Press for longer life of feeding chamber

4). Shearing blades on the edges of top lid and chamber are available for shearing oversized material

5). Additional scrap feeding hopper for enhancing the productivity of the baler OPTIONA )

6). Inclusion of Relief Valves  and limit  Switches  fro  Safety

7). Post sale support and service

Technical Specifications

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