We are a leading name in the field of  Powder Presses. These are designed to precision achieve compression molding process that helps in shaping products through use of powder with bonding of individual particles. Further, these applications utilize hydraulic presses and are well integrated with automated machinery. A flexible process, powder compaction allows end users to create multitude of different parts at variety of yield strengths from simple to complex shapes.
These Hydraulic presses are ideally suited for Powder Compaction applications and can be designed and customized in options of :

  • Variable pressure
  • Speed
  • Variable tonnage in a small area

Further, these can also be provided with additional features like :

  • Heated platens
  • Double and triple action Rams
  • Part ejection system


In order to mate the latest demand of customers with various layout demand of customers with layout specifications, MICRO design team equipped with latest software SOLID WORKS through which any elastricity by strain-gauges ensuring that the critical points of the structure are stressed kept with in limit after adopting new technology MHPL team capable to design and produce presses which are extremely rigid in structure .The specific concept of open and compact makes MHPL presses highly flexible for inline use. The main slide is completely guided by prismatic jibs or by linear sliding block with adjustable backlash for high working precision 16sliding blocks incorporating adjustable backlash can also be incorporating for more precision in main bed.

c frame hydraulic press1.jpg

Micro Team is having a  vast  exposure in designing of any kind of complicated circuit . MHPL team has  the capability  of  designing  the hydraulic  circuits with various  control valves  and pumps  such as proportional and servo valves . The manifolds are designed in latest software.


These Powder compacting Hydraulic presses are used for compacting various materials such as :

  • Explosive powder
  • Friction material
  • Metal powder
  • Sponge
  • Graphite
Salient Features


Our Powder Compacting Press has been quite popular amongst our clients and they have been using it without any complaints. The Powder Compacting Press can be put to use to compact different things like –

  • Graphite
  • Friction material
  • Sponge
  • Explosive powder
  • Metal powder

The product that has been designed by our engineers come in different Ram speed and is perfectly suited for the compaction of powder. If the clients have space constraint, then also they can make use of the Powder Compacting Press as it has the ability to provide high tonnage in the small area. The ejection systems are from the top, bottom as well as auxiliary. The safety of the machine and the operator is taken into account while manufacturing the Powder Compacting Press. With the Powder Compacting Press that has been designed by our company, clients can work in peace even when they are working high speed or enjoying a high production ability. It is equally safe for the explosives as well.
The frame that is manufactured in our company has been procured from ESSAR Steel/ TATA Steel. The sealing system is procured from the Parker / Merkel and the Cylinder Pistons and Glands are from the Micro brand. Siemens and Scheider are the other names that we trust.

Technical Specifications

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