MICRO  Team  Has  specialized  in manufacturing Electro Hydraulic power packs for a wide range of hydraulic Applications .We  have  categorized our Hydraulic  Power Packs  of  Three  types (  Dc  Power Packs ,  Standard Power Packs ,  Customized  Power Packs ) which are suitable for material handling, industrial plant, access, and vehicle applications. Where specific flow, pressure or filtration specifications are demanded, Micro  designs and Manufacture Hydraulic  Systems exactly  as per  the customer  Requirements.

Hydraulic system design
Understanding advanced hydraulic system design underpins everything Hydra products manufactures at its dedicated UK factory. Users’ expectations of hydraulics systems make it essential that we stay at the forefront of new technologies, materials and innovative design. Only by the selection of appropriate hydraulic system components can we keep leading the way in the design and manufacture of the systems demanded by today’s hydraulics users.

In-house design and manufacturing  for Electro hydraulic systems
Micro  design Team  has  tremendous  experience in designing  any  type  of  Hydraulic  Circuit .  Each  Unit  or  component  is  designed  in- House  to  ensure  unparalleled control on the quality . all its hydraulic equipment and components in-house to ensure unparalleled control over quality.
Because  of  rich  experience  Micro  Group is  able  to  keep the customer  satisfaction on the highest level and  repeated orders  has been received  from the customers .

Supplying hydraulic system to OEMs and distributors around the Globe
Micro group  is associated directly  with many OEM around  the Globe for  designing  and  developing  power packs  for  various  applications These  power  packs  are  also  supplied  through  our  distributors  in  many  countries Customers  trust our  products for  reliability
From complete systems to individual hydraulic parts, it’s our product range, quality and renowned customer service that sets us apart from other hydraulic system manufacturers.



  • Marine  Applications
  • Wind  Turbine  Applications
  • Rubber  Moulding
  • Rubber Compression Moulding
  • Hydraulic  Test  Benches
  • Extrussion  Plants
  • Dams
  • Servo  Applications
  • Mobile  Applications
  • Tippers
  • Shearing  &  Press Brakes
  • Metal  Forming  Presses
  • Waste compaction plant
Salient Features

Customer satisfaction is what we strive for and keeping that in mind, we deliver them the best quality product always. Our enduring high pressure Hydraulic Power Packs are made available in different capacities. The customers can customize the Hydraulic Power Packs as per their preferences. It is made available in maximum of up to 200HP, where the flow capacity will be 200LPM and will have 1500 liters of tank capacity.
The raw material that is being used in here is of supreme quality and our engineers are involved in the process of selection of raw materials too. They supervise the complete procedure and finish off with the quality check test to ensure that all the standards are met by the product.
The companies who have provided us with the components hail from the countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Some of the well-known names from whom we have acquired these components are Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Rexroth, Yuken, Mitsubishi, Pheonolix, etc. Stelmi (Italy) / Marcegaglia (Italy) also comes into the picture when we are talking about acquiring components for manufacturing the Hydraulic Power Packs. No finished product is dispatched before testing and in order to maintain the high quality of the product that we manufacture, the components are being imported directly from the respective countries.
Our products boast of Hydraulic Power Packs that are –

  • Rust proof
  • Energy consumption is low
  • Light in weight compared to others

The Hydraulic Power Packs that we manufacture weighs a minimum of 50 tones and depending on the customization can go up to a maximum limit of 1000 tones. We offer different control options, configurations and capacities to meet the wide range of application needs. Optimum productivity along with operation that is cost effective, is a guarantee from our flagship. We have been delivering our clients with Hydraulic Power Packs that will meet their requirements. The design of our Hydraulic Power Packs is done with precision and they come in different sizes. Different industrial applications are met by our Hydraulic Power Packs, including that of marine applications, cement plants, etc. We vouch for timely delivery and we have been able to do that continuously till date without compromising on quality or any other thing.

Technical Specifications

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