General Terms of Business

The Equipment shall be manufactured and Supplied as per Technical Specifications Given in  Annexure – I

Prices :-
The Quoted  Price  is  Ex –  Works  Gurgaon and  do  not  include  charges  for  filling  of  Hydraulic  Oil  for  Testing  of Equipment at  our  Works  ,  Packing  &  Forwarding  ,  Supervision  of  Erection  &  Commissioning  and  any  Civil  work required at Site .

MHPL will  charge  3000/-  INR Per  Man  Day  for  Senior  Technical,5000/-  INR for  an  Engineers  for Commissioning of  the  Equipment  at  Site  .The charge  exclude Lodging  &  Boarding  plus  Service Tax  as extra applicable

Payment Terms:-
40%  Advance along  with  firm  Purchase  Order  and  Balance  against  Proforma Invoice Prior  to  the  dispatch  of the Equipment .

Taxes & Duties :-
All Taxes  and  Duties  and  other  Government  Levies  (  If  any  )  shall  be  charged  at  actual  prevailing  at  the  date  of dispatch ,  Presently  the  breakup  of  Taxes  are Excise  12.50% CST  2% Against  Form  C  for  Central  Sale  (C Form will  be  taken  prior  to  the  Dispatch  of  the  equipment  in  case  C  Form  Is  not  provided  at  the  time  of dispatch then  differential  amount  will  be  kept  as  security  and  refunded  once  C  Form  is  received.)  ,  VAT 5.25% for Local Sale , FOR EXPORT THERE ARE NO TAXES.

Inspection :-
If the  buyer  desires  to  inspect  the  machine  before  dispatch,  The  Client  will  be  intimated  for  Inspection  .Such inspection will be limited to visual inspection and on Load as per the requirement of the Customer .

Packing & Handling :-
MHPL will Charge 5% on the Ex- Works value for Handling and lump sum amount for Packaging will be charged extra from the client and charges will be given to client on request.

Manuals :-
MHPL will supply soft Copy of Manual.

Delivery :-
The Delivery  for  the  above  Equipment  will  be  [30-40], Business  Working  Days  from  the  date  of  receiving  of Techno –  Commercially  Clear  Purchase  order  along  With  Advance,  above  delivery  period  of  time  will  be counted only on working days. Technical reason delays will not be counted in delivery period.

Freight & Insurance :-
The Equipment  shall  be  Dispatched  To-Pay Basis  .  The  Transit  Insurance  will  be  arranged  by  you  at  your  cost. We shall inform you the dispatch particulars for arranging the Insurance.

Warranty :-
Our warranty  for  the  material,  design  and  workmanship  of  the  machine  shall  be  for  a  period  of  12 months from the  date  of  Invoice  .  Terms  and  conditions  apply.  During  the  warranty  period,  we  shall  attend  and  rectify defects due  to  quality  of  material,  design  and  workmanship.  Our  warranty  does  not  cover  normal wear  and tear, rubber  and  electrical  /  electronic  components and  damage  due  to  improper  handling /  usage  of  the machines.

Jurisdiction :-
All disputes are subjected to Gurgaon Jurisdiction only.

Responsibility :-
Our responsibility ceases on handing over the goods to the transport carrier.

Cancellation of Order :-
Order once  placed  cannot  be  cancelled  without  seller’s consent  in  writing.  The  seller  reserves  the  right  to adjust all  or  part  of  the  advance  paid  by  the  buyer  towards  cost  incurred  by  the  seller  till  acceptance  of  the cancellation.

Mode of Dispatch / Transportation :-
The seller  recommends  road  transport  for  quick  and  sage  delivery  of  the  consignment.  If  the  buyer  desires  to have any  other  mode  of  dispatch,  the  same  should  be  clearly  mentioned  in  the  order.  Since  the  offer  is  on EX-Works basis, dispatch  will  be  made  “Freight To-Pay”  basis only.  If  the  buyer  has  any  preference  of transporters, the name of such transporters should be indicated in the order.

Failure To Take Delivery:-
If the  buyer  fails  to  take  delivery  of  the  goods  within  10 days from  the  date  of  intimation  by  us  regarding readiness of  the  goods  for  inspection  /  dispatch,  we  reserve  the  right  to  charge  storage,  interest  etc.rom the buyer depends  upon  the  size  and  value  of  the  machine.  If  the  buyer  delays  to  take  delivery  more  than  one month, we  shall  have  the  right  to  cancel  the  order  and  forfeit  the  advance  paid  by  the  buyer  and  to  recover the losses from the buyer.

Force Majure:-
The Company  shall  not  be  responsible  for  failure  or  delay  in  delivering  the  goods  or  any  part  (or any consequential damages)  due  to  acts  of  God,  enemies  of  the  Government  of  India,  wars,  revolution,  riots,  Civil or political  disturbances,  strikes,  lockouts,  stoppage  of  labor,  shortage  of  raw  material  and/  or  labor,  Shortage of motive  power,  breakdown  of  Machinery,  restraint  imposed  on  the  by  the  Government,  Municipality, Legislature or  any  other  authority  or  any  other  cause  beyond  the  Company’s Control.  Such  failure/delay shall not entitle  the  Purchasers  to cancel  the  contract  nor  is  the  company  Liable  to  make  good  any  damage  arising from such failure to deliver or delay in delivery.

The Validity of the offer is One Month.