Dear  All
Micro  Corporate Philosophy  and  Code  of  Conduct apply  to all the  activities  of  Micro Group These  both  are with regard  to the  Internal  Cooperation  and to  our  business partners ,  Government  Institutions and  Society .Ever  employee of  our  company  is responsible  to follow  the Philosophy  and code  of conduct .  Above  all  these  principles applly  especially  to  those peoples  who  are in a management position  because  they  are  expected  to be the role models  for the Subordinates . Any  violation of  these  principles  can attract the indisplinary  action  and  may  lead  to the  legal  actions  against  them .


Social Responsibility and Legal Compliance

We are aware of our social responsibility and  hence  we act accordingly . we  respect  the  Human Resource  norms follow  them and  support  compliance  with internationally   recognized  human  and children’s  rights  and  does  not  encourage  any forced  and child  labor .We  respect  the legal  norms  and  accepted  by  us  country  wise where  we  are doing  our  operations .Interaction  with Employees We  believe  in  Sharing  equal  respect to  all  employees  in the organization  and  interact  with them , irrespective of  their  nationality , Age ,  Skin , Color ,Gender , Religion . We  give  freedom  to  every employee to  achieve the  organization  goals . because  we  believe  that  without  everybody  contribution company  cannot  achieve  the  goals set by the management . We  also  believe  in delegation  of  responsibilities and  trustful cooperation .  Every  employee has  been informed  about their  achievements  and  drawbacks  .  and  for  achievements  everybody  is  rewarded accordingly .

Antitrust Law and Competition Law

We  always  support  fair  and healthy competition .  any  violation  such  as  sharing  of  sensitive  business information wih  competitors ,  delivery  conditions ,  any  agreement  on prices  are not permitted .  This  type  of  misdoing will attract  heavy  fines  and  many other  disadvantages  to  the concerned person  who  will  found involved  in all  these  misdoings .

Corruption, Gift, and Benefits

Every body in Micro Group  is  not  allowed  for any   receiving  and  giving  of  any  benefit or  any kind  of  advantage  for  processing  any Purchase  Orders ,  Payment  Orders ,  Delivery  Orders , Sale  Orders . Receiving  and  Giving  of  any king  of  gifts  is  only  allowed  if  the  values  is  not  significant  and  neither receiver  nor  the  giver  enters  into  a relationship  of  dependence .For  any special  case  the  permission  has to be  taken  from the management and  should  be recorded.

Environmental  Protection

As  we  all know  that  it  our  responsibility  to protect  the environment  . To  protect the environment we  encourage our  employees  ,  Business Partners etc  to  follow  the  environment  ethos . We  try  to develop , manufacture  the product with minimum  waste disposal  and usage ,  we  have  made  a  paper  free policy  in our  company . Only  important  documents are  printed . Usage  of  paper  is  minimum  in  our  company .

Data Protection

protection  of  confidential  data  such  as  business  data ,  Company  Secrets  etc is  the  primary  concern  and  every  employee  are  responsible  to  keep  the  data confidential . No  data  is  provided  to  any other  company ,  person or  any third  party . If  in case  some  data  has  to be given  then  management  approval  has  to be taken .  In this regard  we  take into account  all legal and  contractual  requirements .

Relationship  With  Business Partners

We try  to  made an  agreements  with our  suppliers  and service  providers  ,  these  agreements are  made  the in the  written form . These  Business Partners  are selected  on the  competitive  basis  only . We  conduct  all  business exclusively  in the interest  of  our  company .  not  for  any person ,  third party etc . Every  transaction  is  being  audited  our Internal  audit team  and  external  auditors  also .We  always  believe  in long term association  ,  hence  give training  to our  suppliers  so  that  the products  supplied  by them  shold  be  quality  and competitive  product .