Our mission is to achieve content customer base by providing them with quality products that meet their complete application requirements. Our asset is the people, who work behind the closed doors to provide the customers with the best product. We expand our family by welcoming new customers and securing the parting customers


Our vision is to create a lively work environment, so that the individual is able to provide his full productivity. We believe in family values and the same is extended to the distributors and the channel partners as well. We are striving to reach the stage where we will be manufacturing zero defect product and contribute to the effective use of the national reserves.

Our  Ultimate  aim  is  to be  a  preferred  vendor  for  all our  customers .  We  strive  to  achieve  the  Sui generis  customer  satisfaction  by  providing  them  with  Par-Excellence  product ,  Sui – gereris after sale support , Every  Employee  and Channel Partner   of  micro Group  is  committed  to  meet  the  standards  by  continuously Honing their  skills and improving  the products.

In  order  to meet the latest  demands  of  our  customers in this  competitive  world .  We  invest  a  lot in our  Research  & Development  department  so that  new  up-gradation  can  be  done  and  we  believe  that this  is the only  way to  counter the  competition in  this  corporate  world.

Our  corporate  culture  has  been developed  by  many  peoples  and  cultures ,  Respecting  each other , respecting  women  staff .  and  everybody  is  allowed  to give  suggestion .  We  motivate  our employees by  giving  them  freedom  to  take decision .We  believe  in  working  honestly with  our employees  ,  Business Partners ,  Government  Institutions ,  Societies etc .  and  always   encourage a  corrupt  free  environment .