We are a well known name in the field of C Frame Hydraulic Press, providing the clients with exactly what they want. We supply, export and also manufacture the C Frame Hydraulic Press. The C Frame that we produce can be put to use for riveting, drawing, molding, straightening, bending, assembling, punching and many more purposes. The C Frame Hydraulic Press isn’t complicated at all; instead you will find it very easy to complete the installation process. The reason for the popularity of C Frame Hydraulic Press is not just due to the easy installation process, but also due to the fact that they are quite economical and suits the budget of almost everybody. Moreover, we all are looking forward to finish off our work at a very fast pace and with perfection and C Frame Hydraulic Press with its high speed helps you in accomplishing the feat successfully. The machine we provide has standard accessories, such as advanced 2 speed control, fully adjustable sroke length through limit switches OR Proximity  Sensors .  C Frame Hydraulic Presses have strong and stern steel welded construction, which helps in the frame’s minimum deflection. They can perform multiple jobs with élan.

In order to mate the latest demand of customers with various layout demand of customers with layout specifications, MICRO design team equipped with latest software SOLID WORKS through which any elastricity by strain-gauges ensuring that the critical points of the structure are stressed kept with in limit after adopting new technology MHPL team capable to design and produce presses which are extremely rigid in structure .The specific concept of open and compact makes MHPL presses highly flexible for inline use. The main slide is completely guided by prismatic jibs or by linear sliding block with adjustable backlash for high working precision 16sliding blocks incorporating adjustable backlash can also be incorporating for more precision in  main bed.

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Micro Team is having a vast exposure in designing of any kind of complicated circuit . MHPL team has the capability of designing the hydraulic circuits with various control valves and pumps such as proportional and servo valves . The manifolds are designed in latest software .




Salient Features

The C Frame Hydraulic Press has definite advantages and it is all due to the unique features that it comes with.

  • Lower maintenance
  • RAM guides available precisely and much faster
  • The noise level is below 72 dBA
  • Short retooling timing allows superior flexibility
  • The bearing surface is maintenance free and that ensures long service life standards
  • Positioning sensors of RAM integrated
  • Works with PLC as well as the touch screen
  • Easy operation
  • Robust structure, electrical control of advanced nature
  • It comes with, cooling and heating device along with a moving table oil
  • Performs in a cost effective way, for cutting and pressing of different products
  • For enhanced functioning, speed adjusting and the proportional pressure device is made available for the clients.

Die work can also be done with the help of our C Frame Hydraulic Press. Moreover, if you are looking for production at high speed with the C Frame Hydraulic Press, then we will be making that possible by equipping it with the Die Cushion, Automatic Feeding, removable bolsters as well as the material handling systems.

We will be providing you with all the system that is required to carry on die cushion, along with the die cushion cylinder. The same thing holds true for the rubber molding as well, we will be providing you with the working platen where you will find the heating provision available to make things easier for the clients. The Motor H.P. can be customized as per the press’ speed, in order to ease the procedure. Even the customers can request a quote at any point of time. This will ensure that the client’s get the right figure and see whether it suits the budget and specifications that is required by the client.

Technical Specifications

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